Transforming Night Outdoors

With our durable & flexible LED lighting system

As Easy As 1-2-3

Light up the night in your own garden worry-free with our integrated outdoor lighting system including durable and water resistant LED spotlights, floodlights, cables and transformers.



Get in touch and sit down with us for a consultation session, so that we can better understand your needs and construct comprehensive solutions that are customized to suit your needs.



Once your consultation is completed, we will provide you with a quote of how much your setup will cost in total, along with breakdowns of the cost of each separate component and other relevant charges.



Following your payment, our team of experts will deliver all the products to your doorstep and complete the installation for you. In no time, your outdoor space will be fully transformed.

Thousand Possibilities

Our special simple quick connect and plug and play LED lighting system provides for thousands of possibilities to suit our outdoor lighting needs. Please refer to the sample connection diagrams below:

More reason to choose us

We pride ourselves in providing cost effective, durable and easy to connect water resistant outdoor LED lighting. Some of the many benefits of our products are as below:

Energy Efficient

Our LED Spotlights and Floodlights are highly energy efficient and with extremely long life.


All the LED lighting components are water resistant and highly durable for long service outdoors.

Insect Free

The LED lights have no UV Radiation and low heat and does not attract insects making them ideal for use outdoors at night.

Do It Yourself

The LED system has been specifically designed for easy home install. No cables to strip and join, no electrician required with simple DIY lighting system


Our LED components including the Transformers and special quick connect cable system is water resistant for long outdoor service life.

Quick Connector Cables

Each cable designed specifically for easy installation of your own lighting system without any knowledge. Just plug and play.