Customise Your Own

Just select the type of high power LED bulb you prefer and insert into the durable LED housing. You can choose a wide angle 120 degree or narrow 60 degree LED bulb.

Why ?

Our special outdoor LED products are tried and tested and easy to install on your own with all components and cables fitted with easy quick connect cable system. Unlimited layouts to suit any garden.

Energy Efficiency

Our LED Spotlights and Floodlights are highly energy efficient and with extremely long life.


All the LED lighting components are water resistant and highly durable for long service outdoors.

Insect Free

The LED lights have no UV Radiation and low heat and does not attract insects making them ideal for use outdoors at night.


All our LED components including the Transformers and special quick connect cable system is water resistant for long outdoor service life.

Easy Install

The LED system has been specifically designed for easy home install. No cables to strip and join, no electrician required with simple do it yourself lighting system